Thursday, December 28, 2006

My husband bought me...

A STEAMER FOR MY BIRTHDAY!! This may not be super exciting to some of you, and i know it's a little early, but it thrilled me to death!
It's so cute! A commercial grade Rowenta brand steamer. I have been happily steaming clothes this afternoon, then had to stop and play Zelda from 3 til now, 7:45! Addicted much? Ok, well, thanks to my family for sending bday presents, at least I'll still have something to open on the big day. Wow, 28. Already.
Christmas was wonderful, I got so many great things. I'm reading the books from my mom right now, really good series, and wearing the slippers from Jere's mom :). They're pretty similar to this, but with chocolate brown soles and blue butterflies instead of whatever these are.
I got really nice silver hoops and beautiful oriental bowls and calendar from Jessegirl and cool wooden earrings from my love and his mom, and a new yoga bag, and a beautiful brown sweater and the list goes on... So spoiled! We were gonna do dinner alone, but then my big-hearted husband invited our friend Terri over and her son to share our bounty :) Turned out really well, and I'm glad they came; made it seem like Christmas, with people around.
Other than that, I am taking a less hard class next semester (well i still have 5 classes but this one is easier than what i was gonna do) so I can get better grades and hopefully have a job part time. My schedule isn't very easy to work around but i have weekends and mondays after 12, so something should work out. Jeremiah got into school again, so that's really great, we'll be riding the bus together still. AND when he gets out, it's a huge raise, b/c he gets 2 raises for going to school twice. Of course, that means I'll lose him to the soul sucking money maker of the fort in march. *sniff*.
Ok, well, going to go now, read some more of that great book... Love you all, peace in the coming year(s)



mari said...

Happy New Ear!

bziph said...

Ok do I admit it? I was still going to carmenland. I didn't even know you had a new blogspot. So now I gotta catch up!
Jeremiah knows just what to get you doesn't he? You'll have everything you own steamed by the end of the week LOL

love you

mari said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear sister (in law). Happy Birthday to you!!

rayban68 said...

was your birthday fun? was it everything you dreamed it could be?