Saturday, December 15, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

Had a lovely visit with my bro earlier in the week when he came for a quick overnight trip. Chatted til the wee hours, went for supper in a unique, quaint little Mexican restaurant that looked authentic and tasted rather revolting. Little too deep fried for me, but at least I had a good margarita.
Jeremiah has finished school and I am proud to say has won the Dean's award for outstanding achievement. Now it's just the waiting game to find out final marks, and he's doing that in Fernie on a free snowboard trip with his co-workers. Lucky him.
Work is going well, still haven't been hired on permanently but they have extended my contract until the end of March, which is better than nothing. I guess that means I should make my office a little more mine, and with that in mind I went shopping for some picture frames today. Last year my lovely sister in law gave me an Oriental Flowers calender that I just love and I have chosen 4 of the pages to frame for my office (the butterfly one's my fav). Now I just need some black flower pots and some plants for my bookshelf and it will look like a real lived in office instead of a bright (glaringly so) empty space.
One of my co-workers and I have been organizing an Adopt-a-Family thru the Mustard Seed. We have spent a total of 12 hours shopping on 2 different days to "even out the piles", and then last night we went back to the office to wrap the last of them after spending 6 hours at Market Mall. We didn't get home til after 12am...I am so tired. And I still need to shop for the brand new baby boy. I went out to superstore this afternoon hoping to find some nice receiving blankets, some sleepers etc. at great prices so I could then shop at Old Navy or Gap or Please Mum for other fun stuff. (budgets you know). I was extremely disappointed to see that the girls section was HUGE and the boys section tiny. They didn't even have any newborn stuff for boys beyond some short sleeve tee's. I think we as girls are obviously trained right from birth to love clothes and shopping and choices, as has been made clear everywhere I've looked so far. But, I will not give up, I just may have to spend a little more money than originally planned.

So, to cheer me up I bought myself some beautiful flowers and a pretty new vase, and will try again tomorrow.
And now, I must go watch some more Criminal Minds and drink some tea and perhaps eat one more delicious sugar cookie before bed.