Saturday, October 18, 2008


So, last weekend we went to a concert in Cochrane - Wil. One of J's co-workers' brother in law. The guy has mad skillz with a guitar, just a crazy way of playing, it was amazing to watch. His style is pretty rough on the strings and so he ends up breaking a lot of them which is how he came up with his website name: . Being "green" minded, his wife started making jewelry out of the broken strings which she sells and J bought me one of the coveted bracelets.Such a cool idea.
Here's a video for you, and there's a link to his jukebox on his website if you get the urge to check out more.
Wil-Honey Pie

Friday, October 17, 2008

Frugal Fanny

Just came across a fantastic article that I think we could all benefit from. It's about a lady who calls herself "Frugal Fanny" and how she saves / spends her monthly income. 6 of her tips are:
1. Money is for living, not spending.
2. Never go into debt if you don't have to.
3. Don't deprive yourself.
4. Steer clear of spending traps.
5. Beware of bulk buying.
6. Avoid comparisons.

For the full article with expansions on the 6 points see: Frugal Fanny . Although most of these thoughts I was raised on, it's good to have a reminder every once in a while. Anyone else have any good saving tips?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Peanut Butter

So guess why kids like peanut butter so much? Because it's made with ICING SUGAR. That's right - icing sugar. Yum. I still bought it. Even knowing I'm eating icing sugar.
So I'm still doing the P90X thing - pretty hard still. Going into week 7 and I've lost ZERO lbs, but 1-3 inches all over (not quite enough to go down a size or anything, things are just, less strained we'll say). I am more flexible and stronger and feel better, so I hope as I keep doing this I start to see results of the poundage droppage type.
Fall is here and it is sad. Morning walks (much fewer now thanks to J) are a little scary and dark and cold. I shall have to alter my route slightly to take advantage of more street lights - less scary dark tree areas where someone could be hiding to get me. I even turned my ipod off for that part so I could be more "aware" of my surroundings.
J and I are currently in the debate of do we reno now and be ready to sell when we find a super awesome deal, or do we focus on our debt pmts and get rid of that or do we hang on to what we've got at such an awesome interest rate compared to what's out there now (and having a way higher mortgage is not too thrilling. But having babies would be.) Hence, the continued debate. I suppose we'll start to reno small things and keep up our debt payment maximization thing and keep our eyes open for a super great deal. And not have babies quite yet.