Friday, November 13, 2009

So the bedroom's coming along

Bought some pictures and bedding:

Also, picked tile for the bathroom:

We want to put our place up for sale after Christmas, probably around the end of January or so and buy a house in the same or a close neighbourhood. All that's left is the bathroom: tile the bathroom backsplash with the above tile, paint it & replace the fan. Then it's just "dressing" the house to make lots of people really want to move in. We've got plans to hit an art / craft sale downtown next week as well as the Waldorf Faire and hopefully come home with something lovely for above the couch. Then I really need to schedule the couch cleaning as I've tried more than once myself and it's just not coming clean. A couple of new throw pillows, 2 small Billy bookcases in black/brown (one with doors for a media centre) and we're golden.

Well, off to a movie night with friends then a concert in Edmonton tomorrow - happy weekend!

Halloween was fun.

On Oct 30 we had a costume party at our house to celebrate J's bday as well as an excuse to dress up. Most of our friends went along with it being so close to Halloween and the 2 kinds of cupcakes and candy bar didn't hurt. Here's some highlights:
The Fairy & the Fairy Catcher:

The Harlequin Queen:

The Chubby Fairy on a Ball: gotta love fishnet kneehighs - just so versatile!

The Vampire
His Vampiress:

Love the look on her face! Managed to hit the button at just the right time:
Ok, a normal one of the Devil, the Transformer & the Witch:

My favourite neighbour:

Great friends:


The Faggy Space Pirate & the Fairy Catcher - J's bro actually put on my sequined pants & top and bought a fibre optic mullet wig & rainbow light sabre. Not shy, that one:

Our friend's 7 year old, wearing the costume that J & said friend worked for months on and involved PVC pipe, heat guns, foam, paint & fur: