Monday, May 28, 2007

Plants, Life and Shopping

So, it's been awhile, sorry... Update: I have a temp job lined up to start next monday and a lead on a permanent job too. It's just nice to know that finally, I will start getting paychecks again. Other than the horrible snow incident last week, Calgary has been pretty nice, everything really green. Gotta take advantage as our "green season" seems to last for 6weeks before everything is brown again. But, not on our deck!! J and I went happy plant shopping the other day, and then he surprised me with even more yesterday! I love plants. Here's some really bad pics as all I have is a webcam...

So, the two on the left are in hanging pots, and the white one on the right was my Grandma's baking tin. There's lots more pots, but hey, a taste!

Then, yesterday, my friend Vantica and I went to the Lilac Festival downtown on 4th, had a BLAST! We saw Dan the One Man Band, a Capoeira demo and, amazingly enough, in the First Baptist Church a group of people playing songs on handbells! Ya, crazy, I know. But very cool, very cool. AND the best part being: new jewelry!

Errr, I mean, hanging with my friend...of course...

Ok, so, other than that, J's bro came for a visit, met some really cool new people, had a wickid BBQ, pub times, shopping, discovered Recordland in Inglewood, even went to a club! I know, unheard of! But, it was fun...

Monday, May 14, 2007

My moon My la la la

So, still looking for a job, did the perusal of all the job sites I know, updated my resume etc etc, now I'm chilling, listening to Feist.

And haven't we all wanted to try this:

Love the beat.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle

Had a great time with Jessegirl this past week, and I miss her already. We went shopping and walking and more walking, and to keep up the motivation when she went home I bought this very happy iPod Shuffle in a bright blue color. Isn't it tiny! I put a bobby pin next to it so you would know just how little it was.

Now, I need a job. Anyone? Anyone?