Sunday, April 18, 2010

He Drew the Line

So tomorrow marks 28 weeks - 7 months - of this glorious journey called pregnancy. So far it's been an adventure. From exhaustion to nausea, from intense hip pain (so bad I had to hold the wall as I hobbled around at work) to the other inability to walk normally (I think this is know as a waddle) I begin to question the sanity of women who attempt this thing called pregnancy. I suppose it has rewards... feeling the popcorn movements inside, sometimes they tickle me and I laugh out loud. J just looks at me and smiles, not quite sure what's making me laugh but loving me anyway. And the intense feelings of love already there, the feeling that you would do anything to ensure they're born healthy. Well, unless that means giving up ice cream, cookies or chocolate.

Which brings me to my current adventure - the dreaded BED REST. As I have been dilated about 2cm since 23 weeks, at 24 weeks (moving day in fact) the doctor gave me a steroid shot for the babies (to develop their little lungs, just in case) and informed me I wasn't returning to work. In fact, I wasn't to do work of any kind - no dishes, no cooking dinner, no housework, no laundry. Instead, I was to become a couch potato. My first thought was "Sweet, I can work with that". As if. I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I don't really like to be told what I can't do. Even if normally I wouldn't clean my kitchen everyday, or immediately wash the windows upon moving into a new house being told you CAN'T do this just automatically makes me want to do those things. Every day. But I am slowly learning to let go, and let others help me out.

After the giant help of having my parents here to move us and unpack, and having J's mom here to continue that and help get the flower beds ready, the burden has fallen to my lovely husband. He has always helped out around the house, but now finds himself in charge of all the day to day chores, the errands & running around as well as all the little things you find you need to fix when you move into a new house. He is an amazing partner that I feel lucky to have, that does everything I need. Even if he drew the line at updating my blog for me.