Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We're going to Bali!

How exciting! Jeremiah & I, soon to be world travelers. Indonesia will be an amazing place to visit; we plan to concentrate on Bali and possibly Lombok, with perhaps a 3 day sailboat tour to Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragons. J's dad has generously purchased scuba diving lessons for us so we will for sure do some of that while we're there, along with snorkeling, an elephant ride, a bike ride down a volcano, plenty of dinners on the beach and a day in Ubud, art central, where hopefully we can pick up some canvases. I want to wake up in the morning and step out of my room onto the beach and greet the sunrise with a yoga class.

We've narrowed this trip down a little, we realize that we need a vacation as it's only for 2wks, and so we plan to experience both the $12 a night on the beach el cheapo route as well as maybe a 2 night stay at a place like the Hanging Gardens Resort. Of course, at $370 a night, we may have to spend several nights in the $12 place but I do think the trade off will be worth it.

In other news, I've started deep water aquafit classes at the community pool near our house and I love it! I know, I am actually in a bathing suit in public, a big step, but I want to be in shape (ie sexy skinny) more than I mind the humiliation. Also, I'm still hoping for a permanent placement at my current job, the people are just so fun to work with. One of my coworkers just got back from her honeymoon in Bali so she's able to give us lots of tips, how much to pay for things, she even lent us a couple of books tagged and highlighted. It's nice to know someone like that, saves us some headaches and will hopefully contribute to the best time we could have.

So, lots to do, lots to plan, lots to buy...