Sunday, July 22, 2012

Face Wax

So, I FINALLY went in to get my eyebrows done this week. Pretty sure it’s been since last June, courtesy of my lovely SIL Jesse. The Asian salon near my house offers the job for $10 – sweet. So, I’m laying there, she does my eyebrows, then she starts waxing in between my eyebrows and my hairline… I hear “oh, just too many!” She then proceeds to wax halfway down my cheeks and my entire forehead!!! Not sure if it’s the pregnancy, or I’m just a hairy beast, but wow! She didn’t even have one of those super bright lights above us…As a plus, she didn’t charge extra. Guess next time I’ll just be booking the Face Wax for $30.

In other news, here’s a quick rather unflattering picture of me at around 20 weeks. Hopefully my other lovely SIL Tamara can get some more flattering ones this week.Perhaps now that the top half of my face has been waxed?! Maybe a little makeup and a hair straightener?

Even in 2 weeks (22 weeks now) my belly has grown! And, I haven’t gained ANY weight. Well, unless you count losing 10lbs and then gaining almost that amount back, but technically, I’m still at or below my starting pregnancy weight. Lets hope it continues this well!IMG_1879

Having lots of fun with the twins, they’re growing so fast. As they say, the days are long but the years are short. Look how much like little boys they look now!