Monday, September 24, 2007

Randomly counting

My co-worker and I were having a little chat today about how we all (girls) turn out like our mothers. Most of that statement is ok, I love my mom, she's beautiful, caring, funny. Part of that statement however, gives us a little pause. For instance, her mom calls her at least 3 times a week, and when there's nothing to say, reads the Saskatoon Zeller's flyer to her. "Oh look, Zeller's has ketchup!" Lol. That brought to mind a trip to the grocery store last year with my mom. We all talk to ourselves, but I'm afraid she takes it a little farther than that. She counts. As she was unloading the bags from the shopping cart into the back seat of the truck she was counting the bags. Which struck me as really odd, and a little amusing, so I had to ask, "Do you know how many there are supposed to be?" She looked at me blankly, and we burst out laughing. The things you do without realizing. So, is this what I get to look forward to? Randomly counting things? Well, if I get all the other great characteristics my mom has, I'll gladly take it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I know, I know, it's been forever. I started a new job, Murphy Oil, downtown doing AP, love it so far. The people i work with are really

It's cold out today

I know, I know, it's been forever. I started a new job, Murphy Oil, downtown doing AP, love it so far. The people i work with are really fun, relaxed, cool people and I feel like i fit right in. Even better, i walk home by the river almost pretty...then kill myself walking up a giant hill. It'll be worth it.

Had a great visit with PTM last month, nice to have M to myself for a few days :) And wow T, I can't believe you have 2mos left! I guess you'll end up looking like you have a medicine ball in you, rather than the basketball currently going on, lol. It was really nice to go back to p dot g dot last weekend. Whirlwind tour as always! On the way back we stopped at Athabasca Falls, so beautiful, I can't believe we've never stopped before, everyone should. We brought ourselves a little picnic and sat on a little wall with a great view. Felt a little out of place as everyone else was just taking pics or walking or staring at us, not eating. Worth it.

Jeremiah goes to school in a couple of weeks which means my free rides to work in the AM are over. We'll have to ride the bus together instead :)

Oh ya, Sunday morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and screamed. Apparently I've had an eye infection for a couple of months and as I didn't get it checked out sooner, my ducts were plugged up and my right eye was swollen and puffy and horrid looking. Didn't affect my vision at all, just my pride. It did go down by the next day and I hauled myself to the medical clinic which is, sadly enough, right across the alley. I know, I know, your eyes don't grow back and i shall attempt to procrastinate no more.

Ok, well, I will leave you with the excuse that i don't have internet access at work, and by that i mean i have no msnger, no facebook and i can only read blogs but not their comments or update my blog, and so who knows when the next time I actually update will be...