Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do fruit flies bite, or are they just disgusting?

Blech! This office is infected with fruit flies! Sick!! Anyways, I'm tired.
So, I'm working at this printing company, fantastic people, lots to learn, and I'm supposed to be here til the end of Aug. Which is great, I have a debt reduction plan n stuff. Then, last week, I get told that they've hired someone new (already aware) and as she starts on the 30th, they will no longer need me after friday the 27th. The original plan was to have me there to help when the other person is gone for a few weeks so the new person doesn't get overwhelmed and die. But, they apparently changed their minds. Then, monday, I get asked to stay for one more week because they realized that the stress levels will be too high and stuff piles up too quickly and with the training going on, they need some help. So, this is good, one more week is really the best for me, so I finish Aug 3rd, then have PTM come for a visit (yay!) the following week where I can happily babysit M whilst the doting parents have fun at stags/stagettes. And really, I'm hopefully only going to miss out on 4 days of work (stat holiday) and have something (hopefully downtown, fingers crossed) for the 13th. But really, can we say disorganized company???
So, it's been really hot and I have no energy but hopefully as it cools off I will feel like cleaning my house again and perhaps exercising or something. Well, I think that's enough of a break and I should get back to work.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

New shoes, new shoes

This is what I'm thinking: Fluevogs, on sale for $189- SO COMFORTABLE on my little chubby feet, I think i must have these.