Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 55

Well, it all started with Day 1: the traumatic wake up at 1:52 am April 29 2010 by water gushing out of me and me yelling in J's ear "no no no no no!". The boys are only 29 weeks and 3 days old! Too early! We made it to the hospital by 2:20 ~ in a snowstorm ~ onto a bed & in a gown by 2:30 when the contractions started. They quickly jumped to 3 mins apart in the first half hour, and I definitely needed to squeeze J's hand through them but they weren't too bad. I'm glad I got to experience a little bit (weird as that may sound). I was brought to an OR by 3:30 and given a spinal, meaning I was paralyzed from the ribs down but able to feel slight pressure and be awake to hear their cries as they came out. J broke all the rules and stood up during my c-section and watched the doctors remove internal organs and place them on my stomach, followed by quickly yanking out the babies. Then the anesthesiologist insisted he sit down. They were born just 1 min apart ~ 4:18 & 4:19 AM ~ and weighed in at 2lbs 12oz each - just 5 grams apart. And SO bruised, poor little guys!
Just before 7am I was wheeled past their beds in the NICU. Quinn was being worked on so I only got to see him from a distance but I did get to hold Zeke's hand. As I was recovering from a cold, the nurses informed me I wasn't allowed to see them until I was fully recovered - hardest 29 hours ever! They were thankfully (due to tons of prayer!) born without any major issues, just requiring CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) for their lungs. They spent 19 days at the Foothills hospital before they were moved to the Rockyview - a lower risk level NICU. Soon after arriving they were moved into 1 crib together which was so very nice. At the Foothills they were never even in an isollette next to each other, and it only took them about 2 days to be aware of each other again. I would walk in and see them holding hands, sucking on each others fingers and wiggling closer and closer til they were touching, no matter how far apart you laid them down.
Zeke at 3 weeks

Quinn at 3 weeks

They were gradually weaned off the nasal prongs that were providing them with some oxygen help. They've been given caffeine to stimulate their breathing instead, which unfortunately also makes their little hearts race at times. But, I prefer it to the oxygen, which is also used as a stimulant, but fills their bellies with air. AND would be very difficult to come home on compared to the caffeine.
So, we're now at Day 55 in the hospital. Boys are 37 weeks and 2 days old today and weigh in at 5lbs 11oz. In order for them to be released they have to be taking all their feeds without a feeding tube (they bottle and nurse very well and don't need the tube) and be able to sit in a car seat for 90 mins straight while maintaining their oxygen saturation levels above 88%. Today Zeke had his car seat test and didn't pass, he almost made it, but still needs a bit more time to grow them lungs. So they've decided to keep both babies in the hospital over the weekend and try them both in the car seats on Monday. So MAYBE we can go home on day 62! If they're ready.
First time holding them together

Happy Father's Day
Little baby Quinn feet

Grandma snuggles Zeke Day 55
Cutest EVER!
Boys, you've come a long way.