Friday, July 29, 2011

Reno’s, reno’s and more reno’s!

From grungy popcorn ceilingsIMG_9470

to fresh white knockdown ceilingsIMG_9592e

Luscious blue carpetIMG_7758e

to sleek grey floorsIMG_9547

Dingy yellowing walls IMG_9594e

to fresh whiteIMG_9592

dayglow eggplantIMG_9595

ping pong and “new” greenIMG_9598

Can’t wait ‘til it’s all done!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


We had a LOVELY almost 3 week visit in PG; so nice to see everyone. I think my favourite part was getting to see most people more than once. It’s usually a whirlwind, so that was a nice change.
While I was Out
Not a lot of cooking went on…
But, we came home to a wonderful new subfloor with no squeaks. Picture this eventually painted grey, then a few years down the road a nice darker distressed brown wood floor with tile running from the front door through to the kitchen and out the back.
And all our stuff in the newly demo’d basement
That used to be a bathroom and a bedroom
IMG_9135This used to be enclosed, when ripping it out J discovered a TON of mold…. ewww
In the old bedroom/bathroom we created a clean little play area for the boys until we can get the upstairs all done
And my AWESOME friends surprised me with a painted wall
In other news, the garden we created in the back yard this year is doing GREAT
And we bought a Gazebo with Mosquito net sides so I can actually go outside!