Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carmen and the New Job

Thursday morning, right after Mexico, I walk into my office, coffee and bagel in hand to be met with the sight of boxes. Yes, boxes in front of my bookshelf, boxes on my desk, boxes on my credenza, boxes on my floor. As I look a little closer, I notice some of those boxes are filled with my personal items - I see my lint roller, my blue coffee mug, my ruler. Then I look around again, and notice that all my pictures and my giant wall calendar have been taken down. So I turn to M, my co worker, and ask her "Um mm, did you fire me while I was away"? Very seriously she says "I think you should go talk to B". B is my boss, so I put down my coffee (vanilla nut, lots of cream) and my bagel and rush off to find him. He's happy to see me, acts like nothing's wrong, how was your trip etc. Then he walks me back to my office and I notice the note in one box that says "Looks like things didn't work out like we planned, hope you had a great trip, good luck in the future" yadda yadda. I'm feeling a little panicky at this point, I mean, part of me knows they love me and want to keep me, but the other part is always prepared for the let down. Of course, it was all a big joke, the brats. They even had our IT guy disable my log in info so I couldn't get into my computer. Wow. Good thing I have a great sense of humour :) He then proceeded to tell me that I should have an offer sheet by the end of the day for a permanent position. I love the people I work with. Really.
So now I'm officially not a temp, I have a real title: Accounting Assistant, and get a great wage with wonderful benefits. I suppose it's not really a new job but hey. This is my blog.