Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Official!

I'm a student again! My next class starts Jan 8/09 for 16 weeks, just Thursday nights for 3 hours. Advanced Financial Accounting. That I will be taking with my good friend. Our exciting topics include:
"An in-depth study of six major areas of advanced financial accounting: standard setting in Canada and internationally, financial instruments, income tax allocation, long term intercorporate investments, consolidation, foreign currency translation and the translation and consolidation of foreign subsidiaries, and not-for-profit and public sector accounting."

Did your eyes glaze over a little? It sounds pretty complicated, but we're smart cookies and have lots of resources available at work.

Jeremiah's birthday was a few weeks ago, and as usual I hemmed and hawed over what to buy this incredible yet complicated man. For quite some time he's been pushing the idea of buying quality items for the house, and has wanted a kitchen knife. So, I let my fingers do the walking and ended up finding a really cool store in Inglewood specializing in hand crafted kitchen knives. Knifewear.
Of big interest to me was the long history of the family trade and the fact that they're from Japan (always a sell with J). The experience of bringing him to find the store, chatting with the owner and being in the presence of someone passionate about their items was a treat. We finished off the day with a superb latte, a visit to the Tea Trader for some organic loose tea and a stop at Nectar Desserts. Mmmmmmm. We had a raspberry mango tart topped with the most delicious fresh flavourful raspberries and a slice of layered chocolate heavenliness (otherwise known as cake).

The dark colour is exactly how it looks when it's taken out of the fire, the shinier bits happen when it's sharpened. Most knives are thouroughly polished up before selling, but we liked the unfinished look.

Check out the cool way he signs his art - I like the heart!
The blade is so fine you can cut tomatoes as fine as tissue paper with no effort. I think it was worth the $300 price tag.