Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Great Shopping Extravaganza

Had a super great time with P this weekend, so nice to have visitors :) He got here sat. night, made us watch the Canuck's game at Tipp's which was actually pretty fun, then we introduced him to the Wii when we got home, watched a movie, chilled mostly. Sunday we bought out all of Market Mall, ok, well, maybe not totally, but it was pretty close. I have a very stylish bro. Sunday night we were pretty wasted (tired, not drunk) so we just stayed in, watched a movie, played the Wii etc etc. Monday I succumbed to peer pressure (and lack of parking) and skipped my class to go to IKEA where my ridiculously generous bro purchased an en-freakin-tire set of bedding for us: duvet cover, sheets and a quilt! wow. Ya, so, hmm. Kinda hard to accept lavish gifts, but he kinda steamrolled over my numerous objections and insisted. Thank you thank you thank you! Overall, it was a great visit, just wish T and the wee one could have come too. Next time.
So, starting week 2 of school and seems pretty good so far. Have a final in Simply Accounting at the end of Feb., and then only 2 finals in April, which is a fantastic change from the 6 last semester. So far it seems deceptively easy, but I'm sure that will quickly change. We have 2 group projects, one building a website, always fun, and the other in our strategic mgmt class. We got to pick our own groups this semester in both classes, thankfully, so I am confident they will go smoothly and we'll have a good time. Thursday B and I start to go to the gym for some cardio before classes, I hope we can stick to it so that by the end of this semester I'll have lost some inches. Gotta renew my yoga pass soon too.
K, peece owt


mari said...

Now you'll think of P everynight when you cuddle into your new bedding.. he is a nice guy isn't he!

Patrick said...

I had tons of fun too.. no time to blog yet.. but I will!
Hope we can all come soon.. or hit the peeg at the same time?