Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What we're living in

So here's a few pics of the start of re-painting our condo. We started with the little room, the colour turned out a little too yellow to do the rest of the house in and the paint smelled SO BAD it was awful!It was our original intention to do the majority of the place this colour, but we've now switched to Pratt & Lambert paint, which is about $15 more a gallon than the Ralph Lauren but is supposed to be top of the line. The lovely lady at the paint store has taken my 2 samples and is mixing us a lighter cream and a more grey pewter (too brown).

The mostly painted room:J's starting to move in - interesting how the colour changes with the time of day.
All across the top of this window (about 9 feet) we're installing a 6 inch wide bookshelf that we'll paint the same glossy white as the trim is going to be for some of his books.
Still have this much to go!

This is to show you just how much better our heater covers look painted white. That ugly part where the paint peeled off (have to re-paint) is the original colour.This is our bed. In the middle of the living room.

The bathroom- I've started to primer the walls, we've ripped off the ugly medicine cabinet and plan to replace it with a nice flat framed mirror and a nicer light fixture. I'll probably put some sort of cupboard above the toilet instead as really, where else do you get face cream in the morning?

And J has talked me into a VERY bold bedroom - we're actually painting it Velvet Red. I'm nervous, but hey, guess we can always put 3 coats of primer on it and start again, right? Pratt & Lambert Velvet Red:

Our closet "walks through" to the bathroom and I plan to install (by that I mean J will install) a floor to ceiling 3 foot wide black & white Shoji panel that will slide open to the side. Similar to this one, but only 3 feet wide.
And I will have glossy white trim, a black headboard & nightstands and pretty fabulous things like this white embossed candle that glows from Partylight.

AND I bought new shoes! Yay!


b said...

I love the red! It's a beautiful color. and the sliding door...it's going to look so nice:)

b said...

oh and the shoes! awesome.

carmenrose said...

ok I lied, it's not Velvet Red. That's what I originally picked out but what I think I get is Grenadier Red. Which is a little darker, so that's okay.

mari said...

the red will be lovely!! Not much of a re-sale color though - we found that out the hard way when we were trying to sell Abbott in PG..

carmenrose said...

well, in this market we decided to do what we want - not gonna be able to sell to easy anyhoo!

rayban68 said...

Grenade red? sounds bloody.

Hopefully that door works out for you - Jesse nags me often about making her spa down by our fireplace, maybe this could be a non-intrusive method of dividing that room into two!

b said...

the 3 stand divider walls are nice too, Ray...there's a couple of very nice looking (and maybe pricey) ones at McInnis Lighting believe it or not..I had to go in at lunch yesterday and have a look at their newly renoed store after the fire last year.