Friday, March 28, 2008

We made it back!

What a fantastic place for a relaxing, warm, sunny 2 weeks of happiness. I will put most of our pics up on Facebook, but here's a few.
The beach view

We had a great time, did lots of fun stuff and didn't burn too badly (me not at all and J just on his front side so I think that balances out). We woke up most mornings by 630 or 7, skipped the shower and headed right to the beach for a morning swim, then headed to breakfast. Most mornings were spent either on the beach (pretty good snorkeling right off where we were once I got passed the drowning part) or at a pool. The afternoons were pretty hot and we didn't want to burn so we headed back to our lovely air conditioned room for some TV (we don't get to channel surf at home so this was thrilling) and a nap. We woke in time for dinner, hung out at a lobby bar for a bit and as alcohol on the best days makes me sleepy let alone after a full day of sun and swimming and walking we crashed by about 9pm. Once though, we made up to 10pm, but just once. Which meant we missed out on the dancing as the disco didn't open until 11. Oh well, we will continue to dance in the kitchen. The spa pool

The smaller pool we hung out at

We did some fun stuff too, and barely went over budget which was great. J had a massage on the first day and we both got pedicures on the first weekend. The spa was so serene we hung out there a lot. We went into Playa del Carmen just once, we found it pretty touristy and expensive. We did manage, after 2 cab rides and a walk, to find a bookstore that sold us a phrasebook that came in quite handy. Tulum was more our style and we went there at least 3 times. We hit the Tulum ruins ($2 colectivo (public bus that comes every 30 sec, they wait until it's full then leave) ride and $5 admission fee). Tulum Ruins

Cave snorkeling and the skycycle were fantastic, one of our best days. We also went parasailing, spent a morning snorkeling at Xel Ha and took out the kayak and pedal boat. We tried to go on the catamaran but the first day it was too windy and the next few were completely calm. Cave Snorkeling


There were very few bugs, one spider and fantastic towel art, so all in all, I would say a success.


b said... make me wanna go now:) ..with you of course!

carmenrose said...

We were thinking that, take our families for 1 week sometime. You'd love it.

GraceeJ said...

im so jealous!
i may be coming you way soon so maybe i can see the pics in person :)
love you

mari said...

The towel art always inspires me!