Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Traveling, traveling

So, my lovely husband has changed his mind again and decided that Bali is too far away and costs twice as much to get there so we should go to South America and spend the same amount but do more things. So, the decision process starts again. Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Belize? Probably Belize, but really, all I care about is having a beach to hang out on and not being kidnapped or scared. I did purchase my backpack today, from MEC:
Isn't it pretty?

I took it home to play with and see how much stuff (shoes, books) I can fit in it comfortably.

We had a great weekend in Dawson visiting the chillens. Got to meet my new nephew, and I have to say, pretty darn cute. Besides he like never cries and snuggles really well; what more can you ask for?


b said...

Belize eh?! just as exciting!
and do look good blue. weird eh?

elzee said...

Backpack?? what the heck? I thought you were going on vacation?

mari said...

yeah - shouldn't that backpack have wheels of somesort..?