Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where will he pick?

Will it be Panama? Bali? Thailand? The Dominican? Brazil? or some other destination? That's right. When you turn 30 in this house, you get a wonderful 2 week vacation to an exotic location of your choice.

What a nice wife I am. I wrapped up a digital camera for him to open. After checking it out for awhile, I told him I had already taken one picture . So, when he found it he got a fantastic surprise: Jeremiahlove, you will need this camera because I'm taking you on a trip! See spreadsheet for more details :)

So, we plan on going around the end of Feb, beginning of March for 2 weeks. Finally, we get a real vacation. And none of this all inclusive stuff either...nope, his idea of a great vacation is to backpack around, stay in great little places on the beach and experience the different cultures. Well, it is his birthday, so I guess we'll let him choose.
For those bored/interested in travelling/ killing time @ work, check out the Lonely Planet dot com.


elzee said...

Awww! What a nice wife you are. I wanna turn 30 in your house. Alb got clothes.... again. And 6 months of guitar lessons. And me, well I got $100 worth of Party Lite candles from Jenny's party tonight. What's a birthday without candles.

b said...

yay! that sounds like quite the adventure! bring me a treat lol

carmenrose said...

I can't wait to go! Most likely Bali, but we're allowed to change our minds :) I want a ride on an elephant and a boat ride and to see the Komodo dragons!

rayban68 said...

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Do it. DO IT.