Thursday, June 28, 2007

28 days

Well, it's been 1 month since my last post. Who knew getting a job would take up so much time! So, what's happened with Carmen in the last month. I started a temp job June 4th at a printing company in the SE; they print things like London Drugs, Canadian Tire, Safeway etc flyers n other stuff. My job is however, the Sales Assistant (read: secretary) and as I just finished 2 years of schooling in accounting, I quickly let them know this job was just not for me. So, I have been helping out the accounting dept, the payroll dept and pretty much whoever needs helping as it's pretty slow right now, regarding my regular duties. I have been offered a permanent job in either accounting or payroll, but I decided I'd really like to work downtown, or for J's co, so I am switching to payroll for the summer as of July 16 (that's where they need the most help) and hopefully something else wonderful and exciting opens up for me. And I must say, although not my dream job, the people are fantastic and I have learned tons of stuff in 3.5wks that I can take along with me.

The family reunion at the beginning of May was so great. Too short, of course, but hey. It was good to catch up with people I haven't seen in years and meet the new additions to the family.

What else happened? I cut all my hair off, as most of you 5 readers know it was at my belt and is now between my chin and
my shoulders with layers that hang in my way at work so I put them back with a paper clip, but look fantastic and lovely blond streaks that make my hair colour look so much more interesting. Currently I don't have the pics Megs took of the process, but when I get them, I'll post again.

The love of my life is good, working hard as usual. I convinced him to buy the most wonderful jacket, we (he) found it at an upscale consignment store May long weekend. It's this fantastic (obviously a favourite word of mine) orange colour...kinda pumpkin i guess, but a light pumpkin. Just suits him perfectly. However, when we found it it was $220 which for a second hand jacket seems a little pricey, and who's Cole Haan anyways? But, this past weekend his mom was in town and we went to the Sunfest in Inglewood, popped in to the store, and they were having a 50% off sale! So, we bought it. $110 is worth it.

The Sunfest was great, rained of course. First time having Vietnamese food, super good! got my blood typed, I'm an 0, but I don't know the positive/negative yet..gotta donate blood to find that out. Discovered this absolutely cramped tiny little antique/junk shop, that had a huge basement level just filled with old furniture and stuff. The kind of place where you feel like if you breathe you're gonna topple the stacks of dusty nicknack's over, the old guy just sits behind the counter and watches tv, you feel like you're interrupting if you ask a question, but you just know that you could describe what you want and he'd think a little, and say "bottom of the stairs, turn right, way at the back behind such n such". Such character, we'll have to go back for sure.

Last year J & I bought "Eat Right for your Blood Type", but as we didn't know what we were, we just started to try it out this week. So far it makes a lot of sense, I can relate the things they tell you about yourself ie how to reduce stress, to myself easily. I know, some people think it's just one more fad diet thing, but at this point, whatever I have to trick my mind into thinking to get my butt moving for me! So, we'll try it and see.

Ok, well, I think that's enough of an update for now...



Vantica said...

About time you tried Vietnamese!! Yummy!

elzee said...

You had a family reunion in May?? How come I wasn't invited?

Your hair is fan-tabulous!

God bless anyone who can/will do accounting and payroll. I bow my face to the ground before you. I hate paperwork!

mari said...

I heard that eat right for your blood type does work.
I'm glad your holding out for a job you want instead of accepting what you can get right now. Something good will come up!

b said...

I have never tried the eat right for your blood thpe diet..prolly the only one I HAVEN'T tried of course lol Dad and I are going to eat more along the southbeach way and see. It's only the first two weeks that are brutally like yeast free:) It's the bread. I love it too much. ok, and the potatoes/chips/fries, not to mention the chocolate... oh dear, I'm stuck at work with broccoli.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could do the eat right for your blood type. Its to darn expensive right now. The even harder thing is that if CJ is a different type imagine the types of foods I will have to buy!! golly gee whizz. Anyways just one or two notes for ya...the fam reunion was in june not may and I sooo miss you already. Tell J I say heya!