Friday, September 23, 2005


What a soothing colour for such a long week. Had 3 quizzes and an assignment due this week, so I'm pretty freakin' tired. And Jeremiah's in the Fort, making us the mula, so life could be more fun. I can't believe fall is here....I woke up this AM and there was FROST on the ground!! Well, i'm gonna go get my Monk fix now...Cheers for now.


mari said...

you do have a blog! I expect more regular updates... mm hmmm
Your niece is pretending she's a worm and is worming across the entry way floor. Doesn't she know the floor in the entry way is dirty! People walk in here with their shoes on child! Geeze.

carmenrose said...

I do! but i think i'd rather blog on myspace, haven't decided for sure yet.